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    And now from our “Something Completely Different” category folder…comes a new movie called ‘Welcome to Me’ which stars Kristen Wiig as a mentally ill lottery winner.

    The Tampa Bay Times reports:

    Kristen Wiig continues moving toward edgier movie comedy than she could get away with on television in Welcome to Me (R), a Sundance entry playing out its shoestring budget.

    Wiig stars as Alice Klieg, who wins a mega-millions lottery then does what any mentally ill person might do: quits her medications and buys herself a syndicated TV talk show to share her fractured perspective with the world. The studio’s sibling owners (James Marsden, Wes Bentley) spar over the content and Alice, while her psychologist (Tim Robbins) frets on the sideline.

    “Funny, dark, and riding a very fine line in its depiction of mental illness, it may be the best thing we could hope would emerge from the side of Wiig that gave us Gilly,” wrote Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore when Welcome to Me debuted at last year’s Toronto Film Festival.

    Drew McWeeny of called director Shira Piven’s movie “a beautiful, sad, sweet and funny movie that deals honestly with mental illness while also earning big laughs and offering up some hard truths. And it helps that Kristen Wiig gives the best sustained performance of her entire career in the lead.”

    Read the original article.

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  • Mobile Marketing Trends For 2015

    Mobile Marketing Trends in 2015

    Carlos Gil provides some valuable insight into some of the Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015.

    While none of these should be new to you, his video gives us a reminder of what to focus on with regards to reaching the right people and not only that, but communicating with them in the right way when you have connected with them. A solid and well thought out approach and strategy when it comes to communicating to people via their mobile devices is so crucial these days! Ignore mobile at your peril.

    Some of the trends (that word is fast becoming a very tired cliche we know!) with regards to mobile marketing include wearables, apps, data and good old social media. Watch and subscribe to Carlo’s video to get some good insight into what’s happening in the world of mobile.


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  • Has Incredible Retention Strategies

    LottosOnline Retention Strategies

    LottosOnline knows that our valued online lottery affiliates work exceptionally hard to bring in motivated players who want to try their luck at hitting the jackpot in any one of our offered official lotteries.

    So we know that we also need to work hard to show that we are trustworthy and to keep those excited players coming back again and again.

    As a result LottosOnline is consistently working with our lottery affiliates on our retention strategies to make sure they are the best they can be and that they add the most value to anybody playing our lotteries online! We have a wide variety of exciting retention strategies in place including:

    *On signup each player is offered a 100% welcome bonus on their first deposit up to $50.

    * Exciting anniversary and birthday bonus offers.

    * Loyalty Rewards Program – the more they spend, the more they earn.

    * Customer Service & Live Help.

    * Detailed Customer Profiling and Customer Relationship Management systems are in place.

    * Regular email draw reminders are sent out to players for draws.

    * Results mailers are sent directly and automatically to your inbox.

    * We consistently run many value added campaigns and competitions throughout the year.

    * A robust and secure transaction process.

    When you join ReferLottos as an affiliate, you immediately become one of our most important and valued assets and you and your lotto players are given regular sneak peeks into upcoming products, new competition details and of course up to date information on those massive jackpots!

    If you’re thinking about joining one of the most trusted and exciting Online Lotto Affiliate Programs out there, please get in touch and feel free to ask us any questions!

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