Huge Commissions – Earn Up to 40% Commission

When you become an affiliate, we will provide you with a wealth of optimised marketing tools that will help you drive traffic to through your preferred marketing channel, earning you commission in return. But that’s just the beginning. Our earning models are extremely flexible and by talking to one of our affiliate managers you can request to customise the earning model to your exact needs. These earning models and commission structures are designed to grow with you and provide you with an ever increasing source of real cash.


No matter who you are, we have an earning model that will suit you or that can be customised around your individual needs. The amount you receive per new player is determined according to the earnings model you choose. We have three earnings models: revenue share on lifetime of player, cost per acquisition (CPA) and sub-affiliates.

1. Revenue Share on Lifetime of Player

Revenue Share allows our affiliates to earn as much as 40% on the Net Revenue for the lifetime of a player once that player has been referred to The percentage of the Net Revenue generated by your referred players depends on the number of new players that you refer in each calendar month. The more traffic you send to LottosOnline, the more revenue you earn for all of your referred players.

Number of New Players Per Calendar Month% of Net Revenue You Receive
0 - 20 New Players25%
21 - 40 New Players30%
41 - 60 New Players35%
More than 60 New Players40%

Revenue share is the default earnings model.

Calculating Net revenue
Net revenue = Total Revenue – (Cost of Tickets + Marketing Costs + Chargebacks)

2. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

We offer the best CPA deals to our affiliates, paying them a flat rate for each player they refer to via their campaigns. The more players you refer, the higher the payment per payer! Choosing this commission model will maximize your short term income. CPA earning models are recommended to affiliates who focus on PPC and other budget focused paid media campaigns, if this is of interest to you, please contact one of our affiliate mangers directly as our CPA deals are approved on a case by case basis.

3. Sub-Affiliate

Boost your monthly revenue and earn extra cash by simply referring other affiliates to ReferLottos which will earn you a share of their net revenue from their referred players. With our sub-affiliate program you will earn 10% of your sub-affiliates net revenue once your sub-affiliates start referring new players to LottosOnline.

Payment options

Payment of commissions to our affiliates happen on time each month, with the following payment methods available:

  • Bank account via wire transfer
  • Neteller account

Payments go out once a month, not later than the 15th working day of the month. The threshold for payments is €100. All balances less than €100 is carried over to the next month. More information can be found in the FAQs. If you have any questions, contact one of our affiliate account manager through the “Contact Us” page.

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